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XFactorEdu and Clay street established exclusive partnership because both of us share the same philosophy and passion in education. We believe 5C - Communication, Communityship/CSR, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, are the most important and competitive skills in the 21st century to make changes and shape the future for both individuals and organisations.

We love clay. We love the limitless possibility of expression offered by clay. We love bonding people together through co creation with clay. We love the therapeutic benefits to the soul when the mind and body come together as one in manifesting an idea into a physical art form.
Founded by a sifu student pair of Chew Seow Phuang Alvin Yong in 2002, Clay street was conceived to share this clay obsession of ours with everyone from individuals, young and not so young, to family and the corporates in Singapore.
We offer a wide range of pottery, sculpture, mosaic and highly innovative fusion art classes. Our default teaching format is one on one so as to allow every student to progress at own pace. We have a full facility professional Pottery Studio located just 8min walk from Commonwealth MRT station.
Communityship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is another area that we hold expertise in. We custom design arts co creation programs to allow companies with CSR intent to have their staff or individuals and families with volunteerism intent to work hand in hand with beneficiaries from various Volunteer & Welfare Organizations (VWOs) in creative arts. We value quality interactions, meaningful engagement and a high sense of personal accomplishment in both the volunteers and the beneficiaries.
Come play clay and bond your team with us!
We are the pioneer in Art based Team Bonding in Singapore. Since 2002, we have helped hundreds of corporate, government and non profit organizations, universities and schools, groups of friends and countless families, to bond their members better to enhance morale, teamwork, communications, and work performance. Our high impact programs are renowned for creative translation of conceptual corporate vision, mission and core values into communicative art forms.
Our CLAY SERIES, comprising ClayMUGS, ClayTILES and ClayLEGO, are our all time fav high impact team bonding programs. Your team members will bond together through banging heads and joining hands to co create unique, meaningful and functional ceramic art pieces that will last a lifetime.

Working in teams, participants will co design based on a specific theme such as your corporate vision or core values. Our artists will impart a set of instant pottery techniques to get them going on their co creation. The programs are designed to be fun, interactive and absolutely engagement from start till end. ClayMUGS produces a set of thematic mugs based on chosen design theme (e.g. core values) for everyday use in your office pantry. That means everyday reminder of the theme (e.g. core values) and the team spirit.
ClayTiles: produces a set wall display artworks that reminds everyone of the positive team experiences.
Post Session Work: depending on the quantity of art pieces produced, we shall need about 6-8 weeks for professional touch up and the fire-glaze-fire cycle to turn them into permanent and beautiful ceramic artwork.
Team Bonding Duration: 2.5-3 hours
ClayLego: produces table top artworks that find their places in conference rooms, coffee tables or reception areas.
Group Size: 10 to 200 (For group size of 20 or less, we can hold it in our pottery studio)
Woodgrove Secondary School on Clay LEGO: "The grey, dull coloured clay by itself was unimpressive. However, under the groups’ brainstorming sessions and surfacing of untapped talents, each piece of clay was carefully molded into unique works of art. The final results were inspiring, impressive and invaluable sculptors, each piece emitting the different facets of Woodgrove Secondary School. At the end, not only did we confirm that our staff were indeed artistically inclined, we were also reminded that our students are like clay in our hands. Their growth and development in WGS rests upon not one but upon the entire WGS family to nurture and mold them into unique adults that contribute to our Nation."
What Clients Say:
Mr. Holger Standerskjold-Nordenstam, Ambassador, Head of European Union Delegation to Singapore: "I write to thank Clay Street for an enjoyable afternoon of trying our hands at making something presentable out of clay. Most of us succeeded and the final results were impressive to say the least. What was also important for us was using your technique at improving in our communication skills and consolidating on our team work. I am sure you agree that this was well demonstrated in our presentations. We look forward to seeing the final products and show to our friends and colleagues our hidden talents! Once again, thank you for your time and patience with us."
Rob Piazza, Head of Learning & Development, Japan of Deutsche Bank: "The teambuilding session with the Clay Street crew provided an excellent opportunity for our regional team to get to know each other at a level we never thought possible. The creation of our art was pure enjoyment, but it was team's creativity during the presentation portion that induced a spell of uncontrollable laughter from most of us! Two hours well spent with plenty of memories that will last a long time."

AirClay on Canvas is our 2.5D art innovation. It's a unique team-based fusion art co creation program that allows participants to creatively express their team ideas using a variety of mixed media air clay, acrylic colors, pebbles, threads, etc on canvas.

Working in teams, participants will co design based on a specific theme (corporate vision, core values, etc), exploring the variety of creative arts techniques, and finally co creation through teamwork. The resulting fusion artwork will become proud displays in your workplace to showcase the collective expression of the team and anchor the positive team experience for a long time to come.

Unlike conventional clay that requires firing and glazing in a specialized high temperature kiln, a post workshop process that takes up to many weeks of artists’ work and time, our Air Clay dries and hardens automatically over 24 hours, and thus it allows the artwork to be taken back immediately after the session. Moreover, air dry clay comes in a spectrum of colors, allow the mixing of different colors to create new colors, and therefore offers an additional dimension of creativity. ​
Team Bonding Duration: 2.5-3 hours
Group Size: 10 to 200 (For group size of 20 or less, we can hold it in our pottery studio)
Ong Peishi, Manager, Organisation Development, Ministry of Manpower: "Thank you for the wonderful session conducted by you and your team for our division's anniversary on 31 Aug 2016! The clay making activity was really fun and it had been a great team bonding session for us! Not only did we manage to uncover the many 'hidden and creative talents' amongst us, we also got to know who our creative storytellers are! We could see the various teams beaming with pride as they presented their team's final artwork to the other teams. The best moment came when the teams gathered and pieced their respective artworks together - that was when we got to better appreciate how each of us played a role in the final masterpiece. A few days later when we saw our beautiful artworks installed back in our office, the feelings were indescribable! Equally impressed was your service rendered to us from the beginning till the end, making us feel like you are part of us. Thank you once again for making our anniversary this year a truly memorable one."
What Clients Say :
Stone Mosaic is another of our art innovation that promises team bonding values in a fun and engaging manner. Every participant will be partake in the activity from start till end in planning, experimenting and creating. When a great number of colourful stone mosaic pieces get organized and come together to form a beautiful whole artwork, it is a wonderful metaphor to depict how individuals bond together to form a team or an organization.

Your group of participants will work in teams. Each team will create either an individual artwork or one part of the bigger stone mosaic collage. These colourful or natural coloured stone mosaic artworks will become very impressive displays back in your work premise. The design theme may be the corporate vision, core values, etc. Beautiful expression of designs, logos and even wordings can be formed, with a pinch of creativity.
Team Bonding Duration: 2.5-3 hours
Group Size: 10 to 200 (For group size of 20 or less, we can hold it in our pottery studio)
Terence Quek, CEO, Emergenetics International - Asia: "Thank you for holding our annual retreat so we can reflect, show appreciation to each team member, and visualise - through the mosaic "painting" - how each of us will live out our team's purpose statement of "WE Value People". All of us had tremendous fun bonding over the mosaic art session. We're proud to set a record in completing the artwork - from visualisation, individual sharing, to drawing outlines, and finally to glueing and laying the mosaic pieces painstakingly - all in 1.5 hours! That's what we call taking a Whole Emergenetics approach or having a WEteam! Many thanks once again, and we must come back to get our hands dirty with clay some day soon! Best regards from all of us!"
What Clients Say :
DOMINO CONNECTION is an ultra fun teamwork activity that engages every participant in planning and execution through lots of interaction. The participants will be formed into teams of 7 -10 members each and allocated a specific ‘floor or table top territory’. Each team will be provided with a set of domino blocks and accessories, and given a mission to design and construct an impactful domino creation within their given space.

We have many different formats and requirements to challenge the teams in thinking out-of-the-box and encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Our largest domino challenge was co-created by over 400 participants. ​
Team Bonding Duration: 2.5-3 hours
Group Size: 10 to 200 (For group size of 20 or less, we can hold it in our pottery studio)
About Alvin Yong And Chew Seow Phuang
Alvin Yong Co founder/artist of Clay Alvin graduated with a BSc First Class Honours in Physics & Computer Science from Queen Mary College, University of London in 1989; and Masters of Science from Cranfield University in 1995. Alvin is the chief experiential architect and has over 20 years of experience in consulting, designing and leading corporate team bonding, effective leadership, personal development and entrepreneurship programs.

Alvin is also a social entrepreneur who founded numerous social transformation and education initiatives for under privileged children in Kenya, India and Thailand. He and his various projects have been featured on ChannelNewsAsia and, and he is regularly invited by schools, NGOs and the Singapore International Foundation as speaker trainer on social entrepreneurship in Singapore and regionally.
Chew Seow Phuang Co founder/master artist of Clay Seow Phuang is an established professional potter and pottery teacher since 1994. He is passionate to share his love of the arts with the world, and through our art based team bonding programs, the outreach is extended to the corporate world. He participates regularly in local and international art exhibitions.
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