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5C Educational Curricula And Activities
X FactorEdu established exclusive partnership with Clay Street and StoneEdge because all of us share the same philosophy and passion in education. We believe 5C Communication, Communityship/CSR, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, are the most important and competitive skills in the 21st century to make changes and shape the future for both individuals and organisations. We strive to cultivate 5C in both individuals and organisations by offering a wide range of well received pottery, sculpture, mosaic and highly innovative fusion art programmes and involving in multiple social enterprise projects.
Consulting Service For International Learning Pathway Development And International Collaboration Projects
We have extensive educational networks and rich market knowledge in China and Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. We are experienced in developing and customizing international learning pathway and collaboration programmes and strive to bridge schools with the needs to establish overseas sister needs to establish overseas sister schools, or to build international education partnership in either academic qualification programmes or non academic short educational programmes.
Customized Programme For Industry Visits, Educational Exchanges And Study Tours
We have rich experience in programme designing and itinerary planning. By leveraging on our wide network of educational institutions and industry players in China and Southeast Asian countries, we can customize the short visits for industry players, educational exchanges for educators and study tours for students and provide them the best experiential learning experience.
Education Related Translation Service
We partner with senior professional translators and interpreters and provide quality written translation and interpretation service to meet the needs of hassle-free communication in business visits, educational exchanges and conferences, including but not limiting to school website translation and localisation, curriculum translation, training material translation, admission application document translation, and interpretation for trainings/visits/meetings/conferences.
Meet, Greet And Accommodation Service
We work with trusted offline and online service partners to offer students, parents and educators the desired service for airport pick up/send off, transportation and accommodation arrangement service
Tuition And Project Work Mentoring
We understand the focus and the assessment requirement of the 21st century education and the challenges that students may face in their studies. Through one to one or group counseling, we guide and cultivate students' independent thinking and problem solving abilities to ensure that students are not only competent for their academic assessment, but also able to apply the learning to solve real life problems.
Psychological Care And Stress Management
We are fully aware of the pressures that students face in foreign countries language barriers, cultural differences, being excluded, academic assessment, friendship, parental relationships, game addiction and so on. We have professional educational counselors to help students overcome all kinds of difficulties, away from loneliness, anxiety, depression, and further help them build self esteem, self confidence and self reliance, and acquire the ability to achieve successes in their studies and career, and to live a happy life.
Guardianship Service And Emergency Assistance
We have encountered many helpless and isolated students who are felt lost when they are in an emergency situation in a foreign country, and a lot of worried parents who are too far away to help their children. To help parents who are unable to, or who cannot afford to accompany their kids overseas, and to ensure that their children can get the relevant help in time of emergencies, we provide comprehensive guardianship and emergency services and assistance for students during their study abroad.
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